About Us

About Picture - Mark-Antonio Johnson

At a young age, I became fascinated with computers: what made them work; and how I could use them to improve the world as I knew it. As a consequence my journey began! Currently a final year Bsc Computer Science student at the University of Technology, Jamaica, I am still motivated by my quest to change way the world is viewed through the use of technology. On May 1, 2014, MAJObytes, a long conceptualized vision of mine, came to light.

MAJObytes is a company geared towards improving the online presence of businesses globally. In today’s society saturated by technology and its ever increasing appeal, an Internet presence for any business is as vital to its survival as the air we breathe! Mere presence though, is not enough. For a business to stay ahead of its competitors it must be visible, bearing that unique design that sets it apart in today’s global village.

That is why you need me! I am a passionate individual with a mind for problem solving and an uncanny ability to model complex ideas into bold and unconventional webpages, guaranteed to get your business the attention it needs. I operate with strict adherence to integrity and promise nothing less than pure originality at a standard second to none! I am highly motivated and satisfaction oriented. I never rest until my clients are 100% satisfied with the work I produce.